• EHR intelligence designed for Ambulatory Clinics, Health Departments & Mental Health Facilities

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Mental / Behavioral Health & Substance Abuse

ezEMRx’s rich features in the areas of mental/behavioral health and substance abuse include structured workflows and rules to ensure compliance with the captured information and supported decisions. Specific access rights are built into the defined user roles, which include Intake Case Managers, Therapists, Consultants, and Collaborators. These roles functionally relate to distinct staff members qualified as RSAs, MHPs, QMHPs, LPHAs, MCPs, LCPs, LPNs, RNs, APNs and Physicians. The EHR also has the capability to manage triage-based situations that may occur during crisis engagements.

ezEMRx’s Mental Health and Substance Abuse features are designed to help providers in care management. Such functions are performed from within an encounter.

The unique tracking mechanism consolidates the alerts for assessment requirements, integrated treatment plan schedules, and other recurring events. 

In the event of annual assessments or treatment plans, ezEMRx ensures that the information is captured in standardized assessment forms, using ezEMRx’s intelligent narrative engine.

The ezEMRx EHR is designed to include an exclusive workflow engine for mental/behavioral health and substance abuse. The system is built to deliver custom capabilities related to the configuration of the EHR, without the scope of additional development activities. Such configurations enable the EHR to be custom designed to meet any mental health facility. 

The intake process incorporates the first visit capture, thus triggering ITP and periodic assessments. In addition to standard demographics, the capture includes details such as residency status, legal status, inmate characteristics, identity and orientation, disabilities, communication, military status, education level, and employment.