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Single Holistic Patient Record across Public Health Systems

ezEMRx places a unique focus on public health. Over the past several years, ezEMRx has endeavored to cater to public health needs using health information technology. This vision laid the foundation for an exclusive partnership with Custom Data Processing (CDP). For over three decades, CDP is a premium provider of environmental health and WIC systems in the public health market.

This partnership with CDP was also the beginning of ezEMRx's design of an exclusive hybrid EHR for public health providers, services and workflows. Our synergies across products help us fill in the gaps of technology and products for public health. Our combined product line established us as a unique solution provider across all the public health industry. ezEMRx/CDP is now synchronous to provide a completely integrated public health solution encompassing Electronic Health Records-Practice Management-Inventory Management-Patient Portal-Environmental Health-WIC Management Information Systems as a single holistic patient record - a first in public health. We have since bridged the gap by creating a unified public healthcare system. It is now possible for a provider to have access to a complete longitudinal patient record within the EHR.

Begin with implementing our EHR (inclusive of Practice Management, Inventory Management and Patient Portal) and start the journey of possibilities.

ezEMRx designed for Public Health

Extensive knowledge in Public Health

Our unified teams include many key members who are former government employees. We understand the need for cost controls, stakeholder participation, predictable outcomes, and high quality products. We have well defined  business  practices  for  refining,  quantifying,  and  managing  the  scope  of  an  effort  including  a rigorous requirements management and change process.

Solutions for large Health Departments, Small Agencies or entire States

Our varied public health solutions are designed for complex, enterprise-level health departments or central states systems and also tailored to suit small agencies. We are continually enhancing our combined product lines to meet the growing needs of our government client base while focusing on three important goals: security, portability, and interoperability. These are paramount to ensure seamless delivery of reliable services to the public health community. We continually engage with customers to enable collaboration, which fosters better insight into the unique functionalities required by the government.

Health Departments Services and Workflows

Public health clinics provide distinct services. ezEMRx's public health EHR is designed to handle workflows exclusive to services performed at local health departments. Our exclusive templates are designed to be driven by service areas. Such templates establish uniform documentation, a critical component to public health.

Q: As a health department are you required to follow the latest methodology of practice and documentation? Such as Problem -to- Intervention -to- Outcomes?
A: ezEMRx incorporates the philosophy and methodology of The Omaha System in it's templates.

ezEMRx's EHR includes exclusive templates, questionnaires, and reports for:

  • Immunizations with bi-directional integration to the state registry and integrated inventory management for VFC and private vaccines.
  • HIV/STD services with privacy restrictions.
  • Mother & Child services with ezEMRx's unique feature of documenting visits of the child and mother in a unified manner.
  • TB Assessment and contact management.
  • Preventive care services for mother and child.
  • Family Planning services with integrated inventory.
  • And many more...

Our implementation process is designed to help health departments to get started. We take your current forms, questionnaires and methodology and build this into ezEMRx. With this approach. Staff will transitions from paper to screen follow the same exact process of service documentation. In fact, we will do it better by automating some of the functions! 

If all these sound only too familiar, call us. We can help.