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Usability & Specifications


ezEMRx is also offered on the mobility platforms such as Apple iOS. Native apps allow users to access clinical information. The apps are designed to access shells containing user interface pages only. A user will need to sign-in to access any information that is pulled in real-time, directly from the hosted servers, and displayed in the app. This requires constant access to a network connection, as no information is stored on the mobile device. In cases of breach or loss of equipment, the administrator has the option to terminate access.


Workstations should be running the latest security patches for the operating system, as well as an internal firewall, antivirus, and anti-malware software. The workstations should be secured with an individual username and password. The username and password will unlock the workstation upon initial start-up, or when the computer has been locked (either by user action or screen saver initiation). It is also recommended that the disk drive be encrypted.

Supported Peripherals & Software

The following lists recommended peripherals used with ezEMRx.

Printer (Claims Printing)

HP Enterprise LaserJet M605n


Fujitsu fi-71xx series

Bar Code Scanner

Compatible 1D, 2D, QR, and Digital Printed Bar Code Reader

Signature Pad

Topaz SigLite 1x5 HID-USB

Specimen Bar Code Printer

DYMO LabelWriter 450/550 Thermal Label Printer

List of supported software for ezEMRx.



ezEMRx uses Adobe Reader to view PDF documents.



ezEMRx uses JRE for its peripheral integrations.

Firefox ESR (Windows)

ezEMRx uses Mozilla Firefox ESR versions for clinic access.

Firefox ESR


ezEMRx uses Mozilla Firefox ESR versions for clinic access.

Integrated Options

ezEMRx includes several integrated partner features. These features require agreements (including BAA) with our partners and can be enabled once executed. The following table lists integrated features used within ezEMRx.

Integrated Fax Service - InterFAX

ezEMRx has integrated with InterFAX for electronic fax services. To establish a subscription please click here. Once an account has been setup with InterFAX, (inbound or/and outbound), please share the credentials with ezEMRx support to enable faxing from ezEMRx.

ID card scanning and data extraction – Inuvio

ezEMRx offers data extraction of patient driver’s license and insurance cards. Information extracted auto-populate demographics within ezEMRx screens. An agreement will be required to be established with Inuvio for extraction services. In addition, you may be required to purchase ID scanners.

Appointment Reminders - Twilio

ezEMRx offers integrated Appointment Reminders to patients via text and email. A subscription will be required to enable the automated function. Once an account has been setup with Twilio, please share the credentials with ezEMRx support to enable appointment reminders from ezEMRx.

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