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Private Practice


ezEMRx was designed from ground-up with the primary focus on clinical needs. This design was established to adhere to clinical documentation directives of the Subjective Objective Assessment Plan (SOAP) note. Features include a clinical dashboard for providers displaying the patient’s progress. Thus, providers can track and review the patient goals and objectives.

ezEMRx's practice management (PM) focuses on results, in getting practices paid faster and ensuring maximum claims acceptance in the first attempt. ezEMRx's PM is intelligent. It includes a streamlined workflow which is essential for any medical practice. Our multistage workflow moves through patient visits efficiently with the improved, built-in collection capabilities. Patient billing information is available in real-time, with the ease of validation of patient insurance eligibility during check-in. Dashboards are designed to ensure that the patient billing information is up-to-date with the claims status.


ezEMRx’s evidence based instances can be configured within the clinical decision support (CDS) engine. Clinical elements can be configured within the rules engine to track against a patient’s condition and trigger events with patient context at point of care.

ezEMRx continuously evolves in the areas of technology, standards, certifications and inter-operability. Patient engagement is continuously evolving with the advent of Internet based technologies. Provider-patient interaction is now jump started to the next level using the ezEMRx real time technologies.

Compliant with national and industry standards of health data exchange, ezEMRx facilitates the seamless exchange of data between healthcare entities such as hospitals, payers, labs, pharmacies, and diagnostic imaging centers to other medical record systems, patient portals, and medical devices.

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