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Is it time for your public health dept to implement an electronic health record system with billing?

You got into public health because you believe in the importance of good health for all, not just those who can afford it. Everyone deserves to feel well, which is why you and your staff continue to go above and beyond for your clients.

But serving the community can be endlessly challenging. Reaching everyone who needs your help, taking care of them all without burning out your staff, making sure the budget will be there to continue to heal clients into the future; any of these can erode your ability to expand good health in the community.

You can boost your clinic’s reach and impact.

Removing inefficient manual processes from clinic workflow is one of the biggest levers at your disposal for increasing your clinic’s to help more people.

The right electronic health record (EHR) technology for your clinic can reduce staff administrative burdens, freeing them up to spend more of their time caring for more clients. Add a billing function to your EHR and it can also boost income into your clinic, which can be used to help your community even more.

Here's how it worked for 33 health clinics in Illinois

The Illinois Department of Public Health (DPH) and the Illinois Public Health Association (IPHA) contracted with a third-party billing vendor that brought in ezEMRx to support the state DPH’s Immunization Billing Project.

As part of the initiative, our mission was to help local health departments across the state implement our billing system. Thirty-three, or one-third, of Illinois’s local health departments (LHDs) opted in to the program, working with us to more effectively and efficiently manage their revenue throughout the billing cycle and streamline their billing workflows.

The results have exceeded expectations. From July 2015 through February 2022, the 33 LHDs that participated received $26,853,081 in reimbursements.

As the official account of the initiative on the CDC website explains:

“At a time when reduced funding is forcing many Illinois health departments to cut staff and services, this additional revenue is enabling health departments participating in the billing project to continue providing immunizations and other vital health services.”

Is it worth the investment for your clinic?

Public health administrators tend to assume EHRs are too complicated for their clinics, but in recent years the technology has improved to become more streamlined. ezEMRx is designed specifically for public health department workflows and care methodologies so it meshes exactly with how staff and clinicians need to use it:

  • Nurses get more time with their patients and need less time for clerical tasks—and have access to a complete longitudinal patient record within the EHR.

  • Billing staff jobs are easier thanks to pre-loaded sliding scale information and auto coding of vaccines and associated admin fees.

  • No more calling or faxing the immunization registries. ezEMRx connects you electronically with state and local immunization registries.

We can help you figure it out. Email us with your questions and we can help you determine if ezEMRx is right for your clinic.

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